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Agents are listed in alphabetical order:

Christina A. Biggerstaff
8440 NW Caldwell Road
Kidder, MO 64649
816-575-2528 phone
816-632-9727 cell

Christopher R Bowen
7524 NE Hicks Drive
Hamilton, MO 64644
816-583-7999 phone
816-465-0246 cell

James Edward Howell
4767 SW Mirabile Drive
Polo, MO 64671
816-586-4202 phone
816-632-8055 cell
816-586-2153 fax

Kevin Stonum
9335 SW Hwy 116
Lathrop, MO 64465
816-528-3091 phone
816-564-9490 cell
816-528-6690 fax

Kipper J. Kleeman
10715 CR 160
Braymer, MO 64624
660-645-2116 phone
660-973-2480 cell
660-645-2119 fax

Richard J Lee
408 North Ewing Street
Hamilton, MO 64644
816-583-2086 phone
816-632-9891 cell
816-586-2576 fax

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